The Emily PIÑATEX Crossbody

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We are stoked to welcome Duffle&Co to Slowclothes - our first accessories label.

This bag is beautiful and revolutionary - consciously designed and carefully crafted from 100% sustainable, vegan-friendly pineapple leather, making it the ultimate accessory for any eco warrior. Pineapple leather is made from cellulose from pineapple leaves, minimising waste from the pineapple industry. We love it, because while most vegan leather alternatives are synthetic (made from oil/plastic), this beauty is plant-based and still incredibly durable.

The Emily features a spacious main zip inner pocket and a magnetic outer pocket for easy access on the go.

Handcrafted by master leather craftsmen, the Emily provides 6 hours of work to the Duffle&Co Bali workshop.

For each bag sold 5 mangrove trees are planted in Indonesia to protect wildlife and provide subsistence to local communities. 

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Product Details
      • Made in Bali
      • Made from paprika-coloured pineapple leather (vegan and plant-based)
      • Measures 20cm x 20cm x 5cm


    More about Duffle & Co

    Duffle&Co is our first accessories label, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the Slowclothes family. Based in NZ with manufacturing in Bali and now South Africa, they started with the sole purpose of doing good – for people AND the planet.

    Duffle&Co began with the primary purpose of supporting artisan families to be able to keep their craft alive and families flourishing. The head craftsmen in their Bali workshop found themselves out of work as trade shifts to China saw companies like Quicksilver and Volcom shift manufacturing. Enter Duffle&Co!

    As well as supporting their makers, they are a climate positive business – they more than offset all emissions generated by their business through collaborations with habitat restoration projects in their manufacturing home of Indonesia. For every item purchased, 5 mangrove trees are planted.

    Duffle&Co also use materials that are as sustainable as possible. All of the leather they use is by-product leather from the meat industry (rather than from livestock raised specifically for leather). They also work with the incredible new fibre Pinatex, a vegan leather alternative made from cellulose from pineapple leaves, a byproduct that would otherwise become waste from the pineapple industry. Pinatex has a beautiful unique fibrous look, mimicking leather in function and durability. Amazing, ha?!