our story

hi, i'm kari and it's so good to have you here


Slowclothes was born in early 2018 out of a desire to share my passion for beautiful ethical clothing with women in a way that inspires and educates.


my journey

My own fashion journey has not been a perfect one (is there such thing?), which has only fuelled my drive to help other women, just like you - curious and with good intention - to build a more ethical wardrobe.

I was first inspired to start learning more about the industry after working for a number of fashion companies who weren’t operating transparently or sustainably. I have since completed studies in public health and international development and am working towards a PhD.  Having lived and worked in a number of developing countries with a range of communities and organisations, I’ve come to understand how deeply we are all connected. Global markets and production systems rely on and perpetuate inequality. Cheap labour allows for cheap production, but at the expense of human and environmental wellbeing. Every woman, man and child deserves equal opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling, safe lives, and to be paid fairly for their work.


the slowclothes manifesto

I know that entering the ethical clothing space can feel overwhelming. It is often considered a luxury due to the higher price point compared to the growing number of cheap fast fashion pieces on the market. It can also be associated with being an all-or-nothing approach, or the terms and certifications might seem confusing. Where to start?!

It is my goal with Slowclothes to help change this mindset. We each have our own values, budget and starting point, and we can only make decisions with the information we have at the time.

It is with this in mind that I have created the Slowclothes Manifesto:


the slowclothes experience

Along with our online store and physical pop-up shops, which showcase a diverse collection of Australian and International ethical and sustainable brands, we offer empowering  Slow Sessions to women living in South Australia. These intimate at-home and community-based events provide ethically-curious women space to connect over a love of clothes and a desire to consume more consciously.

Consuming consciously is one of the most positive and powerful actions we can each take to change the future of the fashion industry (and the world). I would feel honoured to be a part of your journey towards more ethical and sustainable choices.



let's stay in touch?

You can stay connected with me by joining the Slowclothes Community. I’ll send you fortnightly updates on Slow Sessions, special offers, and let you know where our pop-up will be next. 

I’m also on Instagram every day, so pop over and say hello, I’d love to see you there!