My 5 Fave Tried-and-Tested Ethical Underwear Labels

Ethical undies anyone?

Welcome back to the blog lovely human. I'm SO excited to be sharing this one with you. Testing new labels takes time, so this post has been a while in the making!

I’ve always made sure I test out all labels I'm curious about before bringing them into the Slowclothes fam, but for many reasons, I can’t stock all of the brands I love and think are amazing. So instead, I’m going to start sharing them with you here on the blog.

To kick us off, ethical underwear – because spending $40 on undies can seem crazy when you first enter the ethical fashion space, and it’s nice to know which ones to choose.

Now, there are many MANY things that make excellent underwear, so I can only share my personal experience. I’m a comfort-over-everything-else kinda gal.

For reference, I’m a size 12 with a D cup bust, love high-waisted granny undies and have quite a bootae. I look for comfort, a little tum-hold, not riding up the toosh-crack and gorg fabric (as well as ethical and eco credentials of course).

All of the labels I’ve written about here are doing good things in regards to ethics and sustainability, and are all based in Australia, so really it’s about finding a style and fabric that works best for your lifestyle.

Ps. These are in no particular order of favourite-ness!


1. Hara The Label

Hara win my #1 comfiest granny undies prize (I mean no disrespect by the term ‘granny undies’ by the way – they’re my fave!). Their high-waisted briefs are full across the bum, genuinely high, and while I don’t look classically ‘sexy’ in them, they’re the ones I reach for every day, so that’s saying something.

I also wear their high cut Leo bras all the time (I have them in most colours) and have their lower cut bralette too for the days I wear a deep V or low cut top. Despite the very thin straps, they don’t dig in AND, miraculously, they (especially the high cut bra) give excellent lift and shape, certainly more than most of my ethical bralettes. I size down (am between sizes) and they are poifect.

The only downside to Hara is I can’t manage to keep the colour in them for longer than a few washes (even with gentle cold machine washing). Most of my Hara undies have faded to a nice pale pinky tone. This said, this doesn’t deter me from buying them over and over, cos they SO COMFY. I haven’t had as much fading in the bras, but I’m guessing this as I don’t wash or wear them as frequently.

Ps. You will have heard me say MANY times, “bamboo isn’t necessarily sustainable”. But Hara DO use a closed-loop processed bamboo and plant dyes, so this IS a more sustainable fabric option than most underwear on the planet.

Hara make underwear for sizes XS to 5XL, and they're available here: 


2. Jackfruit the Label

Want a bralette with bra-like coverage and lift? Jackfruit’s your brand! These beauties are made from a beautifully thick bamboo & organic cotton blend, which is supportive and gives gorg coverage. They have an adjustable back clasp and straps just like a ‘regular’ bra, but without underwire, so tick all my daily needs – comfy AND work appropriate. Plus, they come in divine limited edition colours and are made locally by the designers.

Jackfruit the label bra, available at

Jackfruit the Label high waisted undies tie in #1 place for my comfiest undies. As the fabric is thicker than Hara’s bamboo they give a little more hold for the old lockdown-tum (before lockdown it was the mum-tum, before that the marriage-tum, so maybe I should just call it ‘the tum’). They don’t cut in on the bootae and have great coverage (don’t ride up or in).

I haven’t got any negatives to say about this label. I sized down in my bralette as I’m between sizes and it’s pretty snug, so next time I’d go up. Undies are true to size, but the high is VERY high, so next time I’ll go mid-rise.

They've recently released new bralette styles too, and have possible the most inclusive size range I've come across (from AU6 - 26).

 Jackfruit the Label high waisted undies available at



I’m in the early days of testing my Nico out, but wanted to include them as they have the BEST ever customer service and are the ONLY ethical underwire bra I’ve found and bought since having a bub, and I love it! As such, NICO win my Best Underwire Bra award.

I ordered a full cup underwire bra from Nico recently, made from organic cotton and plant dyed. It came quickly but didn’t fit me quite right. When I got in touch, they offered to alter a different size for me, send it out and then allow me to post the original one back to them. The trust, the helpfulness, the custom adjustments – this is what will mean I give this brand much love for a long time to come (and will inevitably mean I wear my pieces to death – sustainability win). When I shared this story on socials, I had people write to me saying they also got custom adjustments and that the Nico team was epic.

The fabric is thicker than other brands, and the full cup bra is super comfy (the straps are stretchy so they don’t dig in). I love the shape they give and the extra thickness in the fabric (or perhaps they’re double layered…), which means great nip coverage for work.

Nico is currently available in sizes AU6-16.

 Available at:


4. Indigo Luna

When I first found this brand in Bali I stocked up on a range of their underwear styles as ‘product testing’ (did I mention I love my job?!). They are made in Bali from a range of eco-friendlier fabrics (like Eucalptus tencel) which are plant- or low-impact-dyed too.

The Indigo Luna Boxy Crop wins my All-Time-Most-Worn-Bra Award. I have it in 4 colours (it helps that we stock them) and wear them almost every day. While they were originally designed for yoga, I find them to be the ultimate every day crop (I don’t do a lot of yoga).

They are a double layered eucalyptus tencel, incredibly soft and give a lovely shape and hold yet feel like I’m barely wearing anything. They have slightly thicker shoulder straps than the other bralettes I’ve described above, due to the sports style.

The Boxy Crops come in XS to XL – I wear the M and am a 12C-D. These crops are also great for breastfeeding Mummas (as are the Hara ones) as you can just lift them comfortably to feed, and can pop in breast-pads if needed.

The rest of their underwear runs from XXS to 3XL, and can be made to order if sold out.

Indigo Luna Boxy Crop, available at 

I did try out their gorgeous triangle bralette too, which didn’t give me as much support as the other brands or styles I’ve mentioned above, but they’ve since released a style for bigger busts which I imagine gives a bit more hold.

Indigo Luna undies are also epically comfy – I’ve tried the low waist style – but I do find they give a little undie line if worn under something tight.

(While I’m here, I should also mention Indigo Luna one piece swimsuits are my fave EVER!).


Indigo Luna Camille one-piece online at (limited sizes remaining).


5. Le Buns

Last but not least, Le Buns make the sexiest organic cotton underwear going around (in my unprofessional opinion). I have quite a collection of their crop tops and undie styles.

The fabric has more hold than many others I've tried and the cuts are SO flattering – both with slightly higher leglines and gorgeous mid-high rise waistbands that give great shape and hold in my tum. They give that ‘I didn’t try but I just accidentally look hot’ vibe. 

If I'm completely honest, they aren't the undies I reach for every day, mainly because I have a significant bootae and the styles of bottoms I have can ride up the toosh a tad. I also find some styles give a bit of an undie line.

This said, the quality is excellent and they have SO many styles to choose from that I’m sure you’ll find some to suit your shape. The crops I've tried are all really supportive too, the ones with built in shelf-bras even more so.

Le Buns currently come in sizes AU6-16.

(The blog cover-pic is also Le Buns).


 Le Buns organic cotton underwear available at


And so...

Feel free to hit me up with a DM if you’re curious or looking to invest and I’m happy to share more details privately, or answer questions about brands I’ve tried and not loved as much as these 5.

People often think of starting with underwear when first giving independent, ethical labels a go, and the above brands won’t let you down.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any ethical sweat-wicking undies for the gym, please hit me up. Full disclosure, the crotch sweat is getting intense with the Summer heat and high intensity training (I know I know, overshare but you know… honesty.)


I hope this was helpful! Feel free to share any other of your fave tried and tested ethical underwear labels in the comments on socials or on the blog directly. Supporting ALL of the amazing labels doing amazing things is my jam!




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